2.14 - Painting 2011
2.03 - Deliverance

Painter 2011

This group of work depicts the figure of a painter, reaching out to affect the surface of the canvas before him.

The outward reach of the artist into the mythic domain of the artwork is a regular theme for me, and appeared in various drawings throughout 2011, until the major project “my ghost” explored this subject most thoroughly in 2012.

The first five images are a humorous tribute to the undertaking of mid-20th century modernists such as de Kooning, and the immense scale of some of their abstractions.

The absurdity of the act of painting is often foremost in my mind when getting about my work. I am a monkey with a hairy stick.

The first image is oil on canvas, and measures 1520x1220mm. The following two images are gouache paintings on paper, 760x570mm.


The next two images are etchings, 280x220, from editions of 10.


Drawings and prints of various sizes follow.