2.14 - Painting 2011
2.03 - Deliverance

Organs of Special Sense: Introduction

This body of work explores the presence of a receptive ‘organ’ deep within the mind that transmits to energy outside the body.

This connection is represented in some works as a spore and in others as the transference of light between separate worlds.

In this sense the work is a direct development of images in Sound of No Shore, but uses more specific models to explore themes.

In many of these works, three-dimensional sculpted objects were attached to the surface to describe the bridging of separate dimensions. This was done lightheartedly, as if to emphasise the absurdity of what a picture might set out to achieve. 


In many cases, I deliberately gave a sense of physicality to the most ethereal aspect of the images.

The incorporation of an object heightens awareness of the 'flatness' of the picture plane as a surface of limited function, a point of departure.

The three-dimensional extensions are a deliberately futile, forced attempt at transcendence from one realm to another.

Most works utilised thick card or board to accommodate these collaged elements. Oil paint was incorporated into the range of mediums.






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