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Sound of No Shore: Introduction

The Sound of No Shore consists of mostly very large gouache and mixed medium paintings on paper, along with many smaller works and a sculpture. I produced this body of work in 1995-96.


 The work developed earlier ideas, while diversifying the use of pictorial space, creating an ambiguity between internal and external realms. Some of the larger gouache paintings incorporated woodcuts and transparent overlays with superimposed information.  

I introduced more exotic colours into a mix of dark, burnt earth tones and charcoals. Colour allowed me to imply a lack of anchorage to the earth, which is otherwise an ever-present subject of the images.

The imagery has a darkly radiant quality that related to the intensity of light as it appears behind closed eyes.

Most of the works describe the transition from materiality into dimensions beyond a physical state.


I used elemental plant forms to describe the passage of thought as it journeys out into the world. Other works explored the nature of the eye as a channel between two realms or as an aperture into the underworld of the head.

Another work incorporated text as a way of delivering a dire warning from my subconsciousness, connecting many autobiographical threads from my recent past.


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