2.14 - Painting 2011
2.03 - Deliverance


The group of images presented here are a suite of multi coloured etchings made with light sensitive printing plates. They are each roughly 14x10cm.

The works are rough representations of the head as a kind of magic rock from which various thought forms are conjured. Each image begins as a loose representation, etched onto a single plate and printed in a lighter tone. Two, or three other plates are etched and printed in gradually darker tones to define the forms.

Many of the ideas described in ‘Revisitation’[LINK] apply to the content of these works. Small works such as these allow for the general outpouring of ideas, so that the representation of the head as a vessel or hollow form is appropriate. The face is also a facade, a mask from which the eyes lift off or reveal secret tunnels into otherworlds.

The works are printed as a set of 16, in an edition of 5.