2.14 - Painting 2011
2.03 - Deliverance

Sound of No Shore - Necromancer - Prayer of Death Blues

This was a work that attempted to address the futility of objects as they exist in material form, only achieving a type of function once they pass over into the 'afterlife' of our imagination.

The work is a sculpture of a giant toolbox that might be used for drawing out spirit from matter or awakening the dormant thought that resides within material. The toolbox and its contents were deliberately over-sized and impossible to ‘use’. Weight and physicality grounded it with the earth so that it occupied space like a dead, dull thing.


I intended the work to be both 'too real' and to exist in an imaginative space, as if inside the head of a magician who wielded it.

Inside the box were objects designed to assist in the communication through dead material and to awaken dormant form. 

A sculpture of a marionette puppet, cast in iron and bronze, hung on the inside right panel. Never intended to be manipulated, the puppet hung limp and without animus until activated by some unknown hand within the empty glove adjacent to it.

The puppet is a hopeless thing until granted some purpose through the poetry of action. This action was through implication only, as the object resides fixed within the confines of the immovable sculpture. On the inside left panel hung a lead cast of a rose with a flower at its root and tip.


This object was intended to evoke the exchange of communicable energies between separate beings, yet frozen into a cold, dead state. 

It is like a staff that emanates from above and below. It is similar to the path of travel in ‘Spectre of a Rose’ from the same body of work and The Final Bloom of the Ice Rose from 'Organs of Special Sense'

Below this object was a bronze cast, produced by feeling the topography of the surface of my head and converting that form into wax. It resembled a continental plate, yet was given an extension of the wing-like form of a sea-turtle’s flipper bone.

At the top of this panel hung the cast of the negative space from inside a bird, like a material displacement of the spirit that resided within it. This was attached to the internal brass reed-plates and comb of a harmonica. This object resembles small golden ladders over hollow chambers, through which is channelled the energy from air into music.

Thematically, this work was most closely aligned with 'Song of the Iron Hunter', another work that explores the reanimation of a barren state. I named this work after a primitive blues chant by Charley Patton, who conjured up the ecstatic Prayer of Death Part 1&2 in 1929 from rocks and gravel.


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