2.14 - Painting 2011
2.03 - Deliverance

Processes - Sculpture

Sculpture is a way for me to keep my hands busy, manipulating material in a way that requires little preconception. Working with clay on a small scale enables my hands to 'think', completely divorced from concerns of the mind.

In the formative years of my practice I produced sculpture intermittently from a diversity of materials and found elements. These objects were displayed amongst works on paper and viewed in the same context, as if to heighten awareness of the three-dimensionality of the paper.

 Other works made at this time were objects such as Astronaut Figures and, in 1996, Necromancer—Prayer of Death Blues.


It was throughout this period that I considered the sculptural presence of various scaled works on paper as they were pinned to walls, like animal skins in a primitive hut. 


Sculptural elements and collage were also combined with marks made on two dimensions throughout the body of work Organs of Special Sense.



 I did not divide my attention from painting and works on paper until 2010, when I produced Charmed Earth. An abundance of small figures were created in this year, formed from clay or wax, and cast in polyurethane, resin or bronze.



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