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2.14 - Painting 2011
2.03 - Deliverance

Out of Our Heads - Bodily Forms

Drawings displayed upon this page portray the human body as a structure with a psychical function within the environment it inhabits. It is a natural organism, affecting the external environment with internal energies and in turn being affected by that change.

I use figurative forms to describe the physical harnessing of an active force that might otherwise reside within the mind. The body is a leaky vessel for the spirit.

The following drawings explore the manipulation of materials within the artist’s workshop as an act of conjuring—questioning the very substance of the artist’s body as he or she becomes a channel or medium for the spirit within material.

The body externalises spaces of the mind and comes to inhabit those spaces.




All of the work produced for Out of Our Heads was made around the time my partner was pregnant with our first child. I produced drawings describing spaces inside the body where consciousness resides.



These drawings show a fly fisherman standing in the reflection of the moon. His spine echoes the form of his fishing rod, both of which provide a connection to other worlds.



Other works explore the transference of energy inside and outside the body.






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1. Introduction

2. Vault

3. Hatch

4. Eye Bloom

5. Bodily Forms (You Are Here)